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Project dates: November 2021 - ongoing 


Independent media and science experts from Central and Eastern Europe join efforts to increase the quality of medical journalism through a new platform SCIENCE+, developed by Free Press for Eastern Europe (Czechia) and Free Press Unlimited. Learn more in our blog

Viable Media for Empowered Societies

Project dates: 2019-2022

Viable Media for Empowered Societies (VIMES) brought together media professionals from Eastern Europe and Central America to explore solutions on audience engagement and business models.  Media expertise website was launched in Russian and Spanish:

Media Lifeline Ukraine

Project dates: March 2022 - ongoing

Launched by Free Press Unlimited and Free Press for Eastern Europe in March 2022, this action aims at providing Ukrainian independent media and journalists with quick, flexible and professional aid. Free Press for Eastern Europe's part of Media Lifeline Ukraine is running a creative hub in Warsaw, where Ukrainian journalists and producers created content for a variety of Ukraine-based media outlets. Free Press Unlimited provides reporters with emergency aid via its rapid response programs. Learn more and donate now!

Collaborative exchanges

Projects dates: 2016 - ongoing

Our approach to supporting media professionals is providing platforms and opportunities for exchanging experiences. We believe that together independent outlets are stronger and better equipped to tackle global challenges. At the same time, every outlet's editorial strategy and audiences are unique, so should be products created by collaborations. We have successfully launched networks in Eastern Europe and in the EU, with partners like Reporters Without Borders and Free Press Unlimited.

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