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Supporting independent media


We support freedom of expression and unrestrained access to information via providing assistance to independent media and journalists in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and beyond. In this, we follow closely the mission and principle of our founder: Free Press Unlimited.

Our projects are aimed at: education in new media, fostering cross-sectoral collaborations between media and scientists, developing collaborative responses to global challenges to independent press.

Together with journalists from more than 20 countries, we look for solutions to empower independent press. Learn the latest news about our projects, employment opportunities and partners in Free Press for Eastern Europe's blog.

Facts about us

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Our story starts in spring 2016, when a small team of editors and journalists from Eastern Europe set up an office in Prague with the support and guidance of the international press freedom NGO Free Press Unlimited. Since then, we have been looking for the best ways to support fact-based and trustworthy journalism in the region and beyond. We receive support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic’s Transition Promotion Program and a range of institutional and private donors. 

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